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Compelling, concise copy and captivating designs make all the difference.

We build engaging, actionable, measureable marketing programs that integrate traditional and new media—whether it's direct mail driving traffic to a landing page, a brochure system deployed through an online store, or a stunning retail environment.

Marketing Strategy

Putting the right message, in front of the right people, at just the right time doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a result of thoughtful planning. Who are your customers, what are their needs, and how you can impact the decisions they make? What media best fit your objectives and budget? How can you stand out from competitors? Our team can help you answer these questions, and help you achieve the best return on your marketing investment.


Smart, succinct, compelling copy is hard to come by. Different techniques and styles apply to different media. At DXP, you supply the source material, our writers craft the words that fit the moment and the medium: whether for direct mail, newsletters, billboards or radio and TV.


Graphic Design

Color choices, font selection and proper use of space are all important. But the key to truly effective graphic design is an understanding of how the piece will be reproduced and where it will be seen. Things may look great on a computer screen, but printing processes, paper stocks and substrates can alter the ultimate outcome. Environment has an impact, too: lighting, distance, contrast and other factors come into play. Our designers combine their style and swagger with an informed dose of practicality.


Web Design and


Great web design is about form and function. Eye-catching, imaginative graphics queued up in a structure that helps visitors find their way through content easily, armed with little more than their intuition. We focus as much on architecture as aesthetics, designing to take advantage of the web’s dynamic, non-linear capabilities.



Creative Portfolio

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